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April 13 2017

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April 10 2017

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name something purer than this. i’ll wait

this is all i’ve ever wanted

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April 09 2017

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April 03 2017

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Tit, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 4” x 4”

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April 02 2017

March 31 2017

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Bird lands on a page about itself.

"das me"

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March 30 2017

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We accidentally became a Monet piece today

we were a performance piece for real

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March 26 2017

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March 25 2017

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March 20 2017

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March 17 2017

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“This is what life looks like: people who love each other, a home. You should take a moment, feel it. You still have time.” - Charles Xavier | Logan (2017)

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March 13 2017

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